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AVL DITEST Scope 1400

Digital, high-resolution 4-channel scope module for signal capture in motor vehicles. The retrieval of measurement results via connection to PC or tablet.


Exemplary Hardware

  • Galvanically isolated channels and also between measurement unit and PC
  • Differential measurement channels
  • Stimuli Generator for active amplification
  • Guided connection of sensors using Active Probe Supply with color guide
  • Automatic zero calibration and demagnetisation (degaussing)
  • Guaranteed long-term measurement accuracy of 5 years without calibration
  • Automotive Sensors
  • Stable and ultra-lightweight magnesium housing with rubber protectors

Sophisticated Software

  • Intuitive and self-explanatory interaction
  • More than 400 pre-configured measurements
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Guided measurement steps; Explained connections and detailed descriptions
  • Automatic measurement range configuration
  • Direct reference curve comparison
  • Curve recorder function


  • Galvanically isolated inputs
  • 4 differential oscilloscope measurement channels, each with 40 MS/s
  • Active Probe Supply with Color Guide
  • More than 400 pre-configured settings
  • Voltage Measurement to 500 VDC/250 VAC
  • Current measurement from 1 mA to 1800 A AC/DC
  • Resistance measurement from 0.1 Ω to 10 MΩ
  • SPI for synchronous serial data bus
  • Signal generator: 800mA, -20V to + 20V, up to 1 MS/s
  • Resolution: Scope 14 bit, digital multimeter 16 bit
  • Power via 14V on board electrical supply (or cigarette lighter car battery)
  • Independent channel bandwidth and sampling rate

Galvanic isolation between AVL DITEST SCOPE and PC

The galvanic isolation protects the components of the AVL DITEST Scope from shorts caused by electrical breakdowns and ground loops. This prevents ground loops when measuring on grid-connected points (e.g. socket) and on the PC. Defect components in the vehicle or instrument are thereby excluded.

An example

During fault finding a battery charger is connected to the vehicle and the PC is connected to a plug socket. Through the grounded electrical connections of the charger and the PC, with traditional instruments, a ground loop can be established, which can lead to incorrect measurements or may cause damage to components. This is prevented from happening with the galvanic isolation.

Differential measurement channels

The differential measurement channels allow measurement with 40 MS/s and the full bandwidth. Each channel is independently available from the others – so current, resistance and voltage measurements can be carried out in parallel. Short circuits and incorrect readings during the measuring process are thus ruled out.

Tips from the workshop

You can, for example, measure the battery voltage on channel 1 whilst measuring the lambda sensor-heater’s voltage supply on channel 2. The combination of non-differential measurement channels and incorrect polarity would result in short circuit. This is prevented with the AVL DITEST SCOPE SERIES.



Standard Set

  1. AVL DiTEST Scope 1400 Modul
  2. Power supply with cable
  3. USB cable
  4. 4 x cable URD
  5. 4 x test probes black
  6. 4 x test probes red
  7. 4 x crocodile clips red
  8. 4 x crocodile clips black
  9. Stimuli wire set
  10. Current clamp I100 Standard
  11. Current clamp I1800
  12. CD manual
  13. Transport case
  14. Packing
scope 1400

High End Set

  1. AVL DiTEST Scope 1400 Modul
  2. Power supply with cable
  3. USB cable
  4. Cigarette lighter and vehicle battery supply
  5. Cable URD
  6. 4 x test probes red
  7. 4 x test probes black
  8. 4 x crocodile clips red
  9. 4 x crocodile clips black
  10. Stimuli wire set
  11. Current clamp I1500 High End
  12. Current clamp I1800
  13. Temperature sensor -20 ° to 200 ° C
  14. Pressure sensor -1 bar to 100bar
  15. Trigger clamp
  16. KV clip
  17. CD manual
  18. Transport case
  19. Packing
scope 1400 full




Technical specifications


The proven AVL DITEST SCOPE software user interface can be operated intuitively without any training. All measurements are supported by displaying guided steps as well as explanations for connections and detailed descriptions. Setting and connection errors are not possible thanks to the automatic sensor detection and the colour guide